March 30, 2008

Drinking Water For The Dogs

When dogs get thirsty, they usually look for water, mostly regardless of the source. So it is highly recommended that you provide water bowls wherever your dog frequently stay most of the day. It is best that there is a designated area for a water bowl filled with water that is always accessible for your dog because as dog owners we dont always know when a dog needs a drink, and it is quite impossible to tell when a dog need a water exactly, its not like they can open the faucet or open a bottle of water so they can drink when they want to, they usually just rely on us. As dog owners ourselves, we noticed that our dogs water bowl sometimes get empty two times a day specially when it gets really hot inside the house.

Water bowl for your doggy should also be provided outdoor because they easily gets thirsty after playing and running around the yard or lawn. If you dont have a water bowl filled with water outside and your dog get thirsty, chances are he/she will looks around the yard like in planting pots basin to get some water to drink. But standing water from flower pots is quite dangerous for your dogs because if the mosquitoes are hatching and larvaes are present in it, then it is unhealthy to drink. Sometimes, we also add plant fertilizers and other nutrients in our plants and some of these chemicals drain down to the pot base below, which is something that your dog should not be drinking.

To avoid your dogs from drinking water in the wrong places, it is best to provide them safe and healthy water both indoor and outdoor. And try to check water contents atleast once or twice a day to make sure that there is actually a water in the water bowl.

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March 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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