May 4, 2008

Dogs In The Cars During Summertime

dog in car, dog car safety, dogs car, dogs in cars, hot dog car, dogs in hot cars, dog in hot car, dogs die in hot cars, dogs hot carsMost of us love to travel with our dogs, but here comes summertime and in many parts of the nation like California, weather temperatures here easily gets intensely hot and uncomfortable for both humans and dogs to be outdoors for so long. Many of us, when we travel with our dogs on a hot summer or spring day, we usually either have an aircon on or have the windows open while the car is on the move to allow fresh air to flow through easily the vehicle. But when we leave our dogs in a building parking lot inorder to go shopping or to dine in a restaurant, a lot of times these type of establishments all over the country do not allow dogs in their premises, so we ended up having to leave our dogs inside the car while we eat in a restaurant or enjoy shopping in an air conditioned room. So if you plan to leave your dog in the car because you have stuff to do while your dog waits in the car, then try to park your car in a shaded area with windows crack open so that the dog can have a breeze and the car wont get oven-hot while your dog is waiting for you. There are definitely instances that it is best for someones dog to just stay in the house than be left behind alone in a parking lot inside a car while the hot summer afternoon sun directly cooking the car and making the car feeling like an oven.

During your travels and trips with your dogs, it is definitely ideal to always bring along fresh water and a water bowl handy for your dogs specially during hot days so that your dog can have a drink when needed to regain some fluid back into his/her system specially that summer heat can easily make people and pets dehydrated and thirsty.

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