September 8, 2008

When Your Dog Is Home Alone

There are times that we are left with no choice but to leave our dogs for few hours alone inside our homes just like when we need to run to the grocery store quick for few hours and dont want to bring along the dog because the weather is too hot for them to be lock up inside the car. Being alone inside the house is not something that dogs are naturally born to do nor are they naturally able adapt to such situation right away. Without training, dogs left alone in the house can feel uncomfortable and anxious causing them not to relax and possibly bark the whole time. There is no easy way to tell them to stay calm and relax while we are out shopping, but they can be trained to keep their cool and just stay put and minimize barking while we are away. One thing that can be done is to try to give your dog something to do! Giving your dog something to do will keep your dog occupied and possibly divert their attention from being alone to being busy. A great way to keep your dog busy is by giving them something to chew like rawhides and chew bones! Or if your dog have a rubber kong, you can also hide some biscuits there and let your dog work on getting the biscuit out of the kong. To further entice your dog into really working on getting the biscuits from the rubber kong, try to brush some peanut butter in the biscuits and let the peanut smell work its magic! Most dogs love peanut butter, its a great flavorful reward for them as they fight and fought in getting the biscuits for sure.

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Your Dog And Your Floor

We love our dogs, but there is no excuse for having a dirty, hard beaten floor and blame it on our pets. Dog paws or claws may not be so gentle on your hardwood flooring, causing them to scratch and possibly cause permanent ugly lines in your hardwood floors. Having ordinary type carpet flooring is not the best idea either because dogs can easily track down dirt and hair all over, making it harder to keep the carpet clean and in great shape.

But having dogs, and loving them does not mean that we have to neglect completely the condition of our floors. There are definitely new technologies and new ways to resolve these issues, making it work both ways, that will work both for your dog and for your flooring. Empire Today offers wide variety of flooring including laminate flooring, ceramic flooring, hardwood flooring, and carpetings. If you have dogs, it is best to choose laminate flooring over hardwood flooring because laminate flooring are engineered materials, mostly designed not to scratch and can better withstand dog and cat paws. But if you prefer carpet flooring, check out berber carpet at Empire Today because they are quite durable and great for having pets around the house.

To start living healthy and clean with your pets around is never too late, start by replacing old carpets that have seen better days. Check out Empire Today website for their discount carpet floorings. If you are concern about longevity and durability, choose floorings that can perform better with pets around like berber carpet and laminate floorings. If you are new at Empire Today website, check out their Empire Carpet Stories for reviews and opinions of their customers regarding their products and services.

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Exploring New Dog Food Flavor

We currently have two (2) dogs that have totally different diet and eating habits. Our first dog, Katie, is quite young and energetic adult dog and can usually eat almost any kind of dog foods without any problems, but we regularly feed her dry kibbles having wide mixed of vegetable flavors in it. Our other dog, Coco, she is an elderly dog and prefers easy-to-swallow dog foods, so we usually feed her the soft burger dog foods or sometimes hard food with mixed in gravy flavors.

We recently went to a store that handed out free sample packet of dog foods. At that time, they were handing out samples in lamb and chicken flavors. Our dogs never had lamb flavored dog foods before, so we were not sure how they would like it, but it was free for the taking, so we decided to let them try it. In order to determine which of the flavors, lamb or chicken, our dogs most prefer, we poured both types in each bowl, lamb flavor on the left side of the bowl and chicken flavor on the right side. Surprisingly, after snipping both flavors first, both our dogs ended up eating the foods in the left side, the lamb flavor first!

During our next trip to the same store, we decided to purchase the lamb flavored dog food in huge bag and add it in their diet. So now, they have more types of foods and we just randomly alternate their foods on a daily basis, to allow little excitement and some surprises to their food bowl. I think they kinda like the what-flavor-do-i-get-today system going on too :-)

Note: If you are concern about your dog's health and well-being, have you ever thought about what are the ingredients included in your dog's food and where they come from, you might want to consider preparing the dog food yourself, which we do cook dog foods for our dogs.

Written by JazeVox

Halloween Costumes For You And Your Dog

Halloween is coming up and it is time to dress up again! Over the years, halloween celebration is becoming more and more popular and turning into a huge event not only for the kids but for adults, both men and women, and their beloved pets as well. Most kids look forward to the trick or treat activity, hopping from one house to the next, knocking doors in the neighborhood and collecting treats or possibly get some tricks! During halloween events, there is nothing more fun and exciting than wearing halloween costumes and everyone looks forward to dressing up and doing their best to look as weird, unique, scary, intimadating, powerful, or cute as they possibly can. So if you are looking for a custome to wear this year for that long awaited halloween party, have plenty to offer for everyone. has several themed costumes for sale in their web site, where you can find customes for adults both men and women, for children and infants. There are lots of different themes to choose including classic, medieval, renaissance, sexy, or popular characters from your favorite movies! Of course, dont forget to dress up your best buddy, your dog! At you can find cute pet costumes perfect for your dog that will make him/her look his/her best this coming halloween.
Your presence this halloween will surely shine and be noticed depending on the custome that you, your family and your pet will wear. So be sure to find the ones that give you a huge presence, and have plenty of options that can definitely help you with that goal!

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