October 14, 2012

Awesome Videos Of Dogs In Cars


Do you travel with your dog? If you haven't done that before with your dog, moving cars is quite possibly a new environment for your dog, and it will require some adjustment on both you and your dog to get started with it, you having a valuable passenger in the backseat that is unfamiliar with the new territory (that is moving), and your dog being there trying to figure out what is going on. Some dogs may never get used to the idea of car rides but for most dogs, once they become more acquainted and familiar with the fast movement of a moving car and get used to traveling with their owners by doing it more than one time already, most dogs started to relax and get a sense of familiarity, remembering that they have done it before, and started to enjoy the ride a little more instead of possibly throwing up, feeling tense and anxious. Some dogs cannot wait to be in the backseat and go for car rides, and if you ever wonder why... and if they can ever speak human language, they probably answer you a big resounding: because its fun! its called living man :-)

But this article is more on sharing some awesome videos of dogs in cars! So here are some cool ones i found in YouTube:

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