April 20, 2008

Keep Dogs Off The Construction Area

We are currently removing an old carpet off a bedroom floor and in the process of replacing it with a new one. The problem is that our dogs are used to going in and out of such room for quite sometimes, so we sometimes found them in the under construction room even if it is unsafe for them, so we had to sectioned the room off inorder to keep them from going there anymore. We tried to removed the staples and nails as much as we can, but if we missed any of it by chance, then it is definitely not safe for them to walk around the floor specially when any human being will not feel confident walking on the same floor bare foot!

In the construction world, you always notice a safety reminder: Safety First. If you have areas in your house or property that is under renovation or construction and you have a dog, it is best to think of their safety as well. If it is inside the house, it is a safety measure to put a barrier between the unsafe side of project side to keep dogs and children off the area and avoid any loose nails, staple wires, and wood splinters from being stepped on. Dogs may have harder feet than humans, but they are still barefoot and they also get hurt.

You might be able to utilize new products like the wireless invisible dog fence or fencing to section off some areas of your yard that have existing renovation or remodeling just to keep the dogs off the construction site. Most dogs are not accustom to these type of environment especially if you don't always renovate or remodel your house, or build a new home for your family.

April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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