November 18, 2007

First post, cheers to our pups (Part 1)

Meet KATIE, she is our baby girl! She is a mixed-breed, half Ridgeback and half Sharpie. But physically, i should say that she is defintely 90 percent Ridgeback basing on her short brown shinny coat, big lean musculine body and visible dark stripe in the back bone. Her face got wrinkly at times which definitely a Sharp Hay signs in her veins! She is an important part of our family, she is definitely adorable. Very protective, very thoughtful, so sweet and loving.

We named her KATIE because my hubby have this sense of humor and been wanting to call a dog Katie because it rhymes with the word KITTY, and when he will call Katie, our dog, people may hear the word KITTY and started thinking that he is calling a little cat, and then here comes a big brown dog running towards him when she hears her name Katie being called! It is kind of funny and cute, so her name is officially Katie now.

We got her from the local dog pound. She was surrended by a local family in our area who owns tons of dogs and it was a blessing in disguise that they get rid of her because she become a valuable addition to ours! She was just a little puppy when we got her, quite skinny and silent, but now my gosh, she just loves to chow, and chow and chow. Eating is definitely her favorite thing to do, on top of everything else. She hardly had any problems with different types of foods, dry, soft, moist, chewy, etc.

Here is a video of KATIE, hope you LIKE it... feel free to share this video if you want

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Anonymous said...

I have looked everwhere for information on Charpie / Ridgeback as we have adopted what was called a Lab/ charpie then a German Shepherd / Charpie but he his back has deepened into a definate dark strip and his frown (which I thought was the Charpie part) is just like a Ridgeback! His eyes are very similar to your Katies and he has that same look on his face!! He is a very hansome and good natured boy and at 15 months old he is liearning all that he needs to know to make life good! Yes, he likes food and will run away along the beach for miles if he picks up a dead fish or two! He does have the skin problems of the charpie but I keep him on a special diet (Burns) and he is o.k. I am so glad to find that their is another cross of these breeds in the world!

Anonymous said...

Katie asked us to ask you to post a photo of your pup. She thinks she's the only one with this mix. She is our Princess

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