June 20, 2008

Lap Dog

Most dogs are cute and playful that its almost like a magnet that we, humans, always love to be around them. Many dog owners are so into having their dogs around, that they always bring their dogs wherever they go even when they travel and drive town or out-of-town. But sometimes, it is pushing too far or possibly beyond the limit when a dog owner drive with his/her dog in his/her lap. Having a dog in your lap while driving may sound kinda cute and fun but it is quite dangerous for you, your dog or pet, and to other drivers driving around you. Driving with your dog on your lap may sometimes work for you many times in the past and didnt bother you a bit, but in some instances like sudden breaking or other unplanned cases that may occur beyond your control while driving, your complete control in the steering wheel may somehow diminish because the dog movement and location may somehow affect you and your control in the steering wheel in anyway it possibly could. In some circumstances, a dog or pet in your lap while driving may act as an obstacle and a barrier, so why do it? Some states or places may already have a law banning pet owners from driving with their dogs or other kind of pets in the lap due to actual accidents that occured in the past concerning pet owners with pets in their lap while driving. But even if law is not strictly implemented or required in your area, driving with your pet in your lap is never the safest thing for anyone to do at anytime. For the safety of everyone including your dog, it is better to drive with your pet off your lap, for sure your pet will not get angry with you for doing so and thinking of his/her safety as well as yours.


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