February 5, 2009

Listening To Your Dog

Dogs communicate in different level compare to humans. Dogs cannot talk, humans do. But its a fact that many people have dogs as pets and consider them as family or as a friend. To maintain a healthy relationship with each other, everyone involve in a relationship should be able to understand and communicate with each other.

Inorder to fully develop a great relationship with each other, both human owner and its dog must learn to communicate and interact with each other in a manner that they both get the message! With proper training, dogs can understand hand signals and spoken commands and that will help tremendously with being in control over your dog and let your dog know what you want or need him/her to do. By training ones dog to understand both signals and commands, the dog is more likely to listen and understand what his/her human is trying to tell him/her.

On the other hand, it is a greater challenge for humans to fully understand what their dogs are telling them. Dogs cannot talk, but if you observed very closely, you will likely notice that dogs have their own ways of trying to communicate to humans. One of our dog make several different noises, and display certain behaviour everytime she wants a particular thing. For example, when our dog wants to pee in the middle of the night, she stare at us and create a one single whoop whisper. She repeat the same gentle whoop sound one after the other, but when she can no longer hold her blater, she just make a one big resounding whoop as a warning to let us know that its really a go-go time or she will accidentally make a flood inside (and its not her fault anymore, atleast she tried to tell us!), and then she started running back and forth from bed to the doorway.

The trick is being able to read your dogs unique language and behaviour. The more you spend time and observe your dog, the more you learn how she/he behave a certain way to let you know what she/he need at that time. And it is always a good thing to take the time to learn and understand your dog, this way she/he will be more encourange to communicate to you and give you a clue, the way she/he knows how!

Written by JazeVox  All Rights Reserved. Author JazeVox

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