November 17, 2012

Dog Photography

I always like photography since my childhood days. My favorite subjects to photograph are landscape, nature, animals, and flowers. I dont have any formal training on taking photography but I am very passionate about taking pictures in an effort to preserve those (wonderful) scenes that I encounter on a daily basis or special occassions. Since we adopted our dog Katie many years ago I have been taking hundreds of photo of her over the years, and looking back at those photos now, it amazes me to see how much she have grown up to become a wonderful loving dog. The great thing about taking picture is that it allows us to preserve the memories you have at that different moments with your dog, and later on those photographs allows us to look back and reflect on the good old days and be able to appreciate how much our dog have grown and change, becoming more and more loveable (smile) and bigger each day.
Sometimes, when you spend your everyday life with someone, or with your dog, its hard to notice the gradual changes that occur in a person or your dog specially the physical features. But with the help of the photographs, you will be able to visualize the transformation and changes later in the future, which can be amazing to some degree to a lot of people.. Aside from the physical changes that may occur, photographs also allow us to preserve great memories that may never happen again, and if they ever re-occur, it maybe hard to duplicate the scene exactly the same way as it originally happened. Just like the photo of our dog above, where Katie graciously flashed us with her cutest smile ever, I tried to take the same snapshots of her in this particular smile, been trying all these years but nothing came out exactly the same, none of the photo attempts i did came out as cute as the original one that was taken several years ago. The point is, everyday moments are great opportunity to take wonderful photographs of your dog, you will never know when you will get the perfect shot, the perfect pose, but having photos of the shared memories together is what truly counts, and they are fun to look back into.
What about you? How often do you take photos of your dog? The truth of the matter is, your dog does not really care if you are professional photographer or not, as long as you are having fun while in his/her company, that is what matter most in his/her world. Your dog may never learn to appreciate a piece of printed copy of a colored or black and white picture, or a megabytes digital file of a snapshot of him/her stored in a memory stick or cd, but Im sure he/she appreciate the attention he/she is getting why you do the photography sessions! Photography session equals more attention and play time and that is what he/she will appreciate the most, you spending time with him/her.

I came across this wonderful YouTube video featuring a series of dog photography, must see, check it out:


October 14, 2012

Awesome Videos Of Dogs In Cars


Do you travel with your dog? If you haven't done that before with your dog, moving cars is quite possibly a new environment for your dog, and it will require some adjustment on both you and your dog to get started with it, you having a valuable passenger in the backseat that is unfamiliar with the new territory (that is moving), and your dog being there trying to figure out what is going on. Some dogs may never get used to the idea of car rides but for most dogs, once they become more acquainted and familiar with the fast movement of a moving car and get used to traveling with their owners by doing it more than one time already, most dogs started to relax and get a sense of familiarity, remembering that they have done it before, and started to enjoy the ride a little more instead of possibly throwing up, feeling tense and anxious. Some dogs cannot wait to be in the backseat and go for car rides, and if you ever wonder why... and if they can ever speak human language, they probably answer you a big resounding: because its fun! its called living man :-)

But this article is more on sharing some awesome videos of dogs in cars! So here are some cool ones i found in YouTube:

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August 17, 2012

Harmful And Toxic Plants To Dogs

As we live our normal lives and enjoying the beautiful weather outside, attending to our beautiful gardens and plants in the backyard to keep them healthy and blooming, we unknowingly grow plants that unfortunately may be harmful and toxic to our furry friends. We hardly think about these things because we grow up with plants in our yard, and we planted them to beautify our surrounding, and we are totally unaware and hardly think that some of these fruits, fruits, and leaves are toxic to animals especially to our dogs. When we have dogs and/or cats, we do need to be mindful which plants are toxic and harmful to them to avoid a n emergency trip to the veterinary to find out what is wrong with our pet when all of a sudden she/he shows some signs of vomiting, abnormalities in his/her health.

One known toxic flower plants to dogs is the Oleander, also called a Rose Bay. Oleander is among the most known harmful flowering landscaping plant to your dog. As beautiful as it is, just one leaf of this plant can be very poisonous to your dog and can be fatal and deadly if not attended to right away.

Other popular plant that we may grow in our yard for easy access as medicinal plant when we have cuts and bruises is an Aloe Vera. Although Aloe Vera is very beneficial to humans in so many ways, it is quite toxic and can be a poison to your dog if she/he ever got curious to this plant and accidentally swallow and digest the latex part of the Aloe Vera which is under the green skin of the leaf. So if you have to grow Aloe Vera, try to put them in a higher spot in a pot where your dog will not have an access to it.

Grape fruits are also known to be toxic to our furry dog best friend, so be mindful if you are growing this delicious fruit and its gravevine or vine plant in your backyard to make sure that your dog will stay away from it and not eat any of the fruits. Some dogs get curious and take a bite of the grape fruit, and if digested, this can be toxic to them.

I found this video that talked about Oleander and other plants that are or may be toxic to animals especially dogs, so its definitely worth watching because they are quite common in many household and many pet owners are unaware that some of these plants are actually dangerous and poisonous to our dogs:

We dont always follow every single minute what our dogs are doing while they are out in our backyard relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. Dogs are known to be very curious and particularly love to check out something foreign things that normally they dont know about. You just have to be watchful and mindful whenever your dog started to act differently, show signs of vomiting and upset stomach, and if she/he is showing any of these signs after prolong stay outside, chances are he/she got interested in plants and trees and eventually shallowed leaves or fruits or flowers that might be harmful to your dog. When you are not sure what is happening to your dog, or what she/he ate while outdoors, it is best to consult your veterinarian to make sure than she/he will be treated properly right away, and with all the symptoms and signs that you observe it is best to bring him/her to the vet soon enough before any symptoms get any worse, its always best to think safety first, better safe than sorry.

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August 14, 2012

Dare To Dream And Reach For Your Dreams

dare to dream and reach for your dreams ambitions goals in life like flowers in garden

Peak A Boo I See You Funny Dog

peak a boo i see you funny comedy picture photo of dog dogs pets

August 7, 2012

Dont Forget To Stop Breath And Smell The Flowers

Time flies so fast, we live in a world where the clock is ticking and ticking every single second of every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! If you forget to smell the flowers, the season will be changing again and you have to wait the following year for it to bloom again, that is if its a perrenial plant (!) if you have an annual flowers, you have to plant a whole new batch to enjoy new flowers next year. Well, smelling the flowers here you dont have to be interpret it literally... it could mean taking time with your flowers (example: love ones like family and dogs, a sleep, a vacation)... It's always good and fulfilling to get things done, but it is also healthy for us mentally and emotionally to take breaks, relax, and yes smell the flowers :-) Hope you have a nice day today.. Dont forget to visit my other dogs blogs: Dogs Circle and Dogs Booth.

Raised Food Feeders For Dogs And Other Pets

We have medium to large sized dogs, so when we adopted our dog(s) we always felt that a raised feeder was necessary for them because of their height, so that our dogs don't have to bend down close to the floor to reach their food while they eat. Currently, we have a raised feeder that elevates both the water and food bowls to almost 12 inches which is proportionate to the body of our dogs since they are around medium to large dogs.

Raised feeders for pets that will work with both dogs and cats comes in all shapes and sizes. You can buy or purchase raised food feeder for smaller dogs that is proportionate to the height of your dog. Some brands even have designer look like a bamboo wood designs to possibly match any bamboo flooring or furnitures you may have, so that having a dog feeder visible in your room all the time will not be an eye sore but a decorative element as well. Majority of the raised feeders for animals are made of decorative metals, plastics, wood, etc. Some feeders are collapseable and portable. Nowadays, you have several different options to choose brands, styles, type of materials, and sizes that will work with your dog's size or height.

Candid Sleeping Dog Photograph

Here is a candid shot of our sleeping furry princess! Yup, our dog was really sleeping, tired, and resting when this picture was taken of her. Although its hard to understand why she positioned her body, an S-position here, the way she does sometimes. In this photo she does looks comfortable while asleep in a slightly twisted position. Fom what I noticed and seen, dogs are known to sleep in some really weird sleeping positions, and I have seen worst, so with this one I assume that she was comfortably napping and content when i took this photograph.  

July 25, 2012

How To Clean Your Dogs Ears

Perhaps, one of the most neglected part of a dog's body that many dog owners fail to check often enough is the dog's ears. Checking your dog's ears regularly is just as important as making sure that your dog take his/her heartworm pills regularly, or preventing fleas infestation in your dog's body. It is important that your dog's ears is kept clean, free from dirt and debris to avoid developing ear infections that could damage your dog's ears later on. Prevention is the key, check your dog's ears regularly to make sure that it is clean and no signs of infections building or developing.

When cleaning your dog's ears, you need to make sure that you do it safely and administer the ear solutions and/or medicines (if needed) properly. There are ear cleaning solutions for dogs that are readily available in most dog stores or pet stores. Always consult your veterinarian if you are not sure which dog ear solutions is best for your dog. Proper usage and application of such store-bought solutions must be observed in order to safety and effectively apply them to your dogs ears because improper application could result in serious injuries in your dog's ears.

Early warning signs that your dog's ears need checking and immediate attention is when you started smelling foul odor coming from your dog's ear, or when your dog frequently scratch his/her ear(s) indicating that something is definitely bothering her/him inside her/his ear. Dog ears problems that dog owners may discover from their dog is different, its definitely case to case basis, there are instances that do-it-yourself remedies just wont do it, in some cases, you need to consult your veterinarian especially when there is/are sign of infections or irritations, and you cannot safely perform the treatment or cleaning yourself without making the situation worst or irritate your dog's ears. The rule of thumb is, when in doubt, better leave the cleaning or treatment done by a trained professional that knows how to handle the job safely. Dogs ears can be very delicate, doing things wrongs could possibly damage his/her ears internally especially when it is more than just dirt or cleaning that is required of the situation.

If you are confident enough that all you need is a good cleaning of your dog's ear without the need to go to the vet clinic to inspect your dog, here is a short video clip that may help you how you can properly administer a store-bought dog ear solution to your dog:

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July 22, 2012

The Winner Of Britain's Got Talent 2012

If you watched this week's episode of America's Got Talent 2012 then you probably saw the performance of Ashleigh and Pudsey, the winner of Britain's Got Talent 2012, as they impressively show off their fun performance live on stage viewed by millions of people here in the United States. Ashleigh and Pudsey is consist of a talented woman named Ashleigh and her lovely dog Pudsey, whom Ashleigh received as a beautiful surprise gift for her birthday when she was a young girl. And the rest is history, their bond is amazing, as you can see in their performances on stage, what an amazing chemistry and how well they work together as a team!

Check out Ashleigh and Pudsey performance in America's Got Talent 2012 Results this week:

Let us go down memory lane, and check out Ashleigh and Pudsey journey in the show, Britain's Got Talents 2012. Here is a video clip of their audition in the show:

What a journey it must have been for both of them. Being the winner of Britain's Got Talents 2012, that is a huge accomplishment, that proves so much talents because you are competing with huge numbers of talented contestants that are flooded with so much talents and skills. Ashleigh and Pudsey have some amazing performances, and definitely deserves the winning title!

Here is a video clip of their performance in the Finale Show of Britain's Got Talents 2012:

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July 15, 2012

Dream Dog Park In Alabama

If your dog can talk to you, she/he will probably tell you all about her/his dreams and wishes! And most likely the first thing in her/his list of things to have is a beautiful dog park where you and your dog can enjoy the beautiful outdoors off-leash, have fun, and stay quality time together as a family or bestfriends!

Luckily for the residents of Alabaster Alabama their furry friendss dreams are coming true right before their very eyes because the winner of the 2011 Dream Dog Park sponsored by Beneful is from Alabaster, AL and not only she and her dog can benefit from this state-of-the art dog park but her co-residents as well.

Check out some of these videos to know more about these amazing Beneful's Dream Dog Park as the project progress:

What are you waiting for? Your dog would love to have one of this amazing Dream Dog Park in her/his community too. Make this dream happen for your dog, enter the Dream Dog Park contest today, your furry friend will be tremendously delighted if you or anyone from your community will win.

Here is a short video clip of the amazing progress of the Dream Dog Park in Alabaster, Alabama as the dog park officially opened for all the happy and lucky dogs in the area:

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July 6, 2012

A Closer Look At A Dog Movie: Eight Below

Who wants to see a dog movie? I love dog movies, I have seen quite a few of them and we own dvds and blurays to make sure we can view them anytime we want :-) One of my all time favorite dog movie is Eight Below. This movie is inspired by a true story, a beautiful story of adventure, love and friendship as it unfolds in the bottom of the earth.

Here is a short trailer of the movie:

In Antartica, one of the most isolated place on earth, the researchers underwent their last mission of the season before the winter arrived. With the heroic efforts by the dogs, the researcher's life was saved from the deadly ice cold frozen lake when he fell and ended up in the freezing water. After leaving the site for few days while the dogs were left behind, the researcher and the crew were unable to head back to Antartica because of unavailable means to go back there to save the dogs due to harsh weather condition and inaccessibility. The eight dogs ended up stranded of several weeks on their own in the most brutal winter conditions imaginable with no humans to feed and take care of them. Witness the dramatic survival instincts of these dogs as they fight to stay alive, and survive in this brutal weather condition in the bottom of the earth. Truly inspiring movie..

A story of friendship, love, and survival, Eight Below movie is a must see if you haven't seen it yet! I have seen this movie several times, and will be watching it again Im sure. This movie teach us a lot of lessons in life including having faith in our furry friends because they are truly loyal beings, dogs are stronger than we might think, they truly have hearts of gold...

June 25, 2012

The Olate Dogs Audition In America Got Talents 2012

Do you follow the telivision show America's Got Talent? If you dont, then you probably missed one of the most talented group of dogs yet displaying their unique talent in front of millions of people live on tv. One of the audience favorite for America's Got Talent this year 2012 in New York was an audition by the Olate Dogs where their fun and playful performance stole the hearts of America and the judges not only because they were so cute and adorable dogs but these dogs were so talented and well-trained that they were able to performed some difficult yet fun and entertaining tricks on stage, new tricks that were hardly done by dogs.

See the Olate Dogs in action during their audition in New York for America's Got Talent:


Good luck Olate Dogs, hope you climb your way to the top and beat the other talents out there!

It came as a no surprise, at the Finale show that the Olate Dogs continued to wow and impress the crowd which in returned made them as the winner of this year's America Got Talents! Congratulations!

Dogs That Watch Telivision

There were times when we watched telivision, especially when we played dog movies where there are dog sounds like barking, that one of our dog starts to watch the movie with us. From what I know, dogs see things differently than humans do. So Im always been curious as to what our dog actually see while she watch telivision with us when we play dog movies on screen. I am sure its not just the dog barking sound that drives her attention to the monitor because her eyes are definitely focus on the screen as well, which means that he can actually see things, perhaps figures and characters shown in the screen, I can only guess :-)

Here is a short video clip i found that explains a little bit on what dogs actually see when they watch telivision:

What do you think? Does your dog watch telivision?

May 22, 2012

A Surgery For Our Princess

Meet our beautiful adopted pet dog Katie. We happily rescued her several years ago from the local animal shelter, when she was a still a puppy, less than a year old. She is a mixed breed with a mixture of rhodesian ridgeback and sharpei type of dogs as her biological parents.

Weeks ago we noticed that she has a growth in her behind, just below her tail. It was smaller back then. We noticed recently that its growing so much bigger with a size more than a marble, almost 3/4 of an inch, which is beginning to really bother her a lot. Few days ago, the growth started to bleed and we try to clean it but it is still an open would and putting a band-aid on it is impossible because it is just below her tail.. We would like to rush here to an animal hospital as soon as we can inorder to have this growth taken care of before it get infected especially that it is located just below her tail and everytime she do her business, the chances that her bowel movement rubbing against it the wound is 99 percent because the growth is that close to the opening, unfortunately. GNRTBJDXKVWF

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