December 30, 2008

Fireworks And Noises This New Years Day

During the New Year (or Fourth of July), many of us are accustomed to the lighting and firing of fireworks. Ancient traditions and beliefs started the firing of fireworks at the strike of midnight on New Years Eve, at the start of new year day inorder to make loud noises and drive away the evil spirits away inorder to start the new year with great intentions and great environment for us and our love ones. Or fireworks are lit during July 4th as a celebration of Independence Day. But as we light and fire our fireworks to perform our yearly traditions, always remember that most dogs dont understand the meaning behind all these. The big bangs and loud noises from the fireworks usually scare them off, bothers them, and may cause them to act uneasy and uncomfortable. Inorder to keep your dogs and cats safer this new year eve (fourth of july) fireworks, try to keep them indoors possibly in a room where they can relax, lay down in their bed with the telivision or the radio on, that way they will not be so bothered by the weird noises from fireworks that are happening outside.

November 13, 2008

Ice And Snow

It never occured to me in the past that there are dogs that actually eat ice and snow. I realized that one when I was getting some chunk of ice cubes from the refrigerator (in an ice dispenser) and I accidentally dropped one in the floor. One of our dogs hurried to the scene and grabbed the ice cube from the floor and started crushing it with her teeth and eating it.

dog eating snow, dog eating ice, dog and snow
One day, it was snowing outside and we had few feet of snow in the ground. Our dogs love to play in the snow, so we give them some snow playtime when its no longer storming outside but is cold enough that the snow remains in the ground. During one of their snow play, I was taking photos of our dog running all over the place, and all of a sudden, she started eating the snow and I got the photo to prove it :-) Look at her..

Written and Photography by JazeVox

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October 15, 2008

Muddy Nose Doggy

Yesterday, I had the shock of the day when I peeked at our sliding door, and staring back at me was one of our doggy with her nose full of mud!

Few minutes before her muddy nose, I saw her outside digging and burying one of her biscuits treat in the garden, which we just watered. I called her attention right away and stopped her from digging. And then few minutes after that, i found her just outside the sliding door, looking at me, with her muddy nose.

I thought it was hilarious and cute, reminded me of Rudolph The Red-Nose Reideer...I grabbed my camera really quicked and managed to steal some shots of her muddy nose. Here it is!

Written and Photography by JazeVox

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September 8, 2008

When Your Dog Is Home Alone

There are times that we are left with no choice but to leave our dogs for few hours alone inside our homes just like when we need to run to the grocery store quick for few hours and dont want to bring along the dog because the weather is too hot for them to be lock up inside the car. Being alone inside the house is not something that dogs are naturally born to do nor are they naturally able adapt to such situation right away. Without training, dogs left alone in the house can feel uncomfortable and anxious causing them not to relax and possibly bark the whole time. There is no easy way to tell them to stay calm and relax while we are out shopping, but they can be trained to keep their cool and just stay put and minimize barking while we are away. One thing that can be done is to try to give your dog something to do! Giving your dog something to do will keep your dog occupied and possibly divert their attention from being alone to being busy. A great way to keep your dog busy is by giving them something to chew like rawhides and chew bones! Or if your dog have a rubber kong, you can also hide some biscuits there and let your dog work on getting the biscuit out of the kong. To further entice your dog into really working on getting the biscuits from the rubber kong, try to brush some peanut butter in the biscuits and let the peanut smell work its magic! Most dogs love peanut butter, its a great flavorful reward for them as they fight and fought in getting the biscuits for sure.

Written by JazeVox. All Rights Reserved.

Your Dog And Your Floor

We love our dogs, but there is no excuse for having a dirty, hard beaten floor and blame it on our pets. Dog paws or claws may not be so gentle on your hardwood flooring, causing them to scratch and possibly cause permanent ugly lines in your hardwood floors. Having ordinary type carpet flooring is not the best idea either because dogs can easily track down dirt and hair all over, making it harder to keep the carpet clean and in great shape.

But having dogs, and loving them does not mean that we have to neglect completely the condition of our floors. There are definitely new technologies and new ways to resolve these issues, making it work both ways, that will work both for your dog and for your flooring. Empire Today offers wide variety of flooring including laminate flooring, ceramic flooring, hardwood flooring, and carpetings. If you have dogs, it is best to choose laminate flooring over hardwood flooring because laminate flooring are engineered materials, mostly designed not to scratch and can better withstand dog and cat paws. But if you prefer carpet flooring, check out berber carpet at Empire Today because they are quite durable and great for having pets around the house.

To start living healthy and clean with your pets around is never too late, start by replacing old carpets that have seen better days. Check out Empire Today website for their discount carpet floorings. If you are concern about longevity and durability, choose floorings that can perform better with pets around like berber carpet and laminate floorings. If you are new at Empire Today website, check out their Empire Carpet Stories for reviews and opinions of their customers regarding their products and services.

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Exploring New Dog Food Flavor

We currently have two (2) dogs that have totally different diet and eating habits. Our first dog, Katie, is quite young and energetic adult dog and can usually eat almost any kind of dog foods without any problems, but we regularly feed her dry kibbles having wide mixed of vegetable flavors in it. Our other dog, Coco, she is an elderly dog and prefers easy-to-swallow dog foods, so we usually feed her the soft burger dog foods or sometimes hard food with mixed in gravy flavors.

We recently went to a store that handed out free sample packet of dog foods. At that time, they were handing out samples in lamb and chicken flavors. Our dogs never had lamb flavored dog foods before, so we were not sure how they would like it, but it was free for the taking, so we decided to let them try it. In order to determine which of the flavors, lamb or chicken, our dogs most prefer, we poured both types in each bowl, lamb flavor on the left side of the bowl and chicken flavor on the right side. Surprisingly, after snipping both flavors first, both our dogs ended up eating the foods in the left side, the lamb flavor first!

During our next trip to the same store, we decided to purchase the lamb flavored dog food in huge bag and add it in their diet. So now, they have more types of foods and we just randomly alternate their foods on a daily basis, to allow little excitement and some surprises to their food bowl. I think they kinda like the what-flavor-do-i-get-today system going on too :-)

Note: If you are concern about your dog's health and well-being, have you ever thought about what are the ingredients included in your dog's food and where they come from, you might want to consider preparing the dog food yourself, which we do cook dog foods for our dogs.

Written by JazeVox

Halloween Costumes For You And Your Dog

Halloween is coming up and it is time to dress up again! Over the years, halloween celebration is becoming more and more popular and turning into a huge event not only for the kids but for adults, both men and women, and their beloved pets as well. Most kids look forward to the trick or treat activity, hopping from one house to the next, knocking doors in the neighborhood and collecting treats or possibly get some tricks! During halloween events, there is nothing more fun and exciting than wearing halloween costumes and everyone looks forward to dressing up and doing their best to look as weird, unique, scary, intimadating, powerful, or cute as they possibly can. So if you are looking for a custome to wear this year for that long awaited halloween party, have plenty to offer for everyone. has several themed costumes for sale in their web site, where you can find customes for adults both men and women, for children and infants. There are lots of different themes to choose including classic, medieval, renaissance, sexy, or popular characters from your favorite movies! Of course, dont forget to dress up your best buddy, your dog! At you can find cute pet costumes perfect for your dog that will make him/her look his/her best this coming halloween.
Your presence this halloween will surely shine and be noticed depending on the custome that you, your family and your pet will wear. So be sure to find the ones that give you a huge presence, and have plenty of options that can definitely help you with that goal!

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August 26, 2008

Dogs Eating Grass

We noticed that our dogs eat grass leaves everytime they have an upset stomach. Although, basing on our observations, a lot of times, eating grass only worsen the situation of their stomach pain and suffering because the grass they eat literally cause our dogs to get choke and vomit or throw up due to the unchewed long grass, probably just as worst and bothering as a hair ball that cats have to go through every now and then when they lick they hair clean. So every time we notice our dogs suffering from stomach pain, we try to minimize their outdoor stay to keep them away from eating the grass. It is unknown to us if there are any specific grass that they eat, or they just eat any type of grass they could find in the yard. If you notice the same behaviour with your dog, eating grass and vomiting it afterwards, for safety of your dogs, if she/he is not recovering soon enough from the stomach pain, it is always best to consult your veterenarian about it, inorder to get the proper medications for it.

Written and Photo by JazeVox

June 20, 2008

Lap Dog

Most dogs are cute and playful that its almost like a magnet that we, humans, always love to be around them. Many dog owners are so into having their dogs around, that they always bring their dogs wherever they go even when they travel and drive town or out-of-town. But sometimes, it is pushing too far or possibly beyond the limit when a dog owner drive with his/her dog in his/her lap. Having a dog in your lap while driving may sound kinda cute and fun but it is quite dangerous for you, your dog or pet, and to other drivers driving around you. Driving with your dog on your lap may sometimes work for you many times in the past and didnt bother you a bit, but in some instances like sudden breaking or other unplanned cases that may occur beyond your control while driving, your complete control in the steering wheel may somehow diminish because the dog movement and location may somehow affect you and your control in the steering wheel in anyway it possibly could. In some circumstances, a dog or pet in your lap while driving may act as an obstacle and a barrier, so why do it? Some states or places may already have a law banning pet owners from driving with their dogs or other kind of pets in the lap due to actual accidents that occured in the past concerning pet owners with pets in their lap while driving. But even if law is not strictly implemented or required in your area, driving with your pet in your lap is never the safest thing for anyone to do at anytime. For the safety of everyone including your dog, it is better to drive with your pet off your lap, for sure your pet will not get angry with you for doing so and thinking of his/her safety as well as yours.


May 4, 2008

Dogs In The Cars During Summertime

dog in car, dog car safety, dogs car, dogs in cars, hot dog car, dogs in hot cars, dog in hot car, dogs die in hot cars, dogs hot carsMost of us love to travel with our dogs, but here comes summertime and in many parts of the nation like California, weather temperatures here easily gets intensely hot and uncomfortable for both humans and dogs to be outdoors for so long. Many of us, when we travel with our dogs on a hot summer or spring day, we usually either have an aircon on or have the windows open while the car is on the move to allow fresh air to flow through easily the vehicle. But when we leave our dogs in a building parking lot inorder to go shopping or to dine in a restaurant, a lot of times these type of establishments all over the country do not allow dogs in their premises, so we ended up having to leave our dogs inside the car while we eat in a restaurant or enjoy shopping in an air conditioned room. So if you plan to leave your dog in the car because you have stuff to do while your dog waits in the car, then try to park your car in a shaded area with windows crack open so that the dog can have a breeze and the car wont get oven-hot while your dog is waiting for you. There are definitely instances that it is best for someones dog to just stay in the house than be left behind alone in a parking lot inside a car while the hot summer afternoon sun directly cooking the car and making the car feeling like an oven.

During your travels and trips with your dogs, it is definitely ideal to always bring along fresh water and a water bowl handy for your dogs specially during hot days so that your dog can have a drink when needed to regain some fluid back into his/her system specially that summer heat can easily make people and pets dehydrated and thirsty.

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April 20, 2008

Keep Dogs Off The Construction Area

We are currently removing an old carpet off a bedroom floor and in the process of replacing it with a new one. The problem is that our dogs are used to going in and out of such room for quite sometimes, so we sometimes found them in the under construction room even if it is unsafe for them, so we had to sectioned the room off inorder to keep them from going there anymore. We tried to removed the staples and nails as much as we can, but if we missed any of it by chance, then it is definitely not safe for them to walk around the floor specially when any human being will not feel confident walking on the same floor bare foot!

In the construction world, you always notice a safety reminder: Safety First. If you have areas in your house or property that is under renovation or construction and you have a dog, it is best to think of their safety as well. If it is inside the house, it is a safety measure to put a barrier between the unsafe side of project side to keep dogs and children off the area and avoid any loose nails, staple wires, and wood splinters from being stepped on. Dogs may have harder feet than humans, but they are still barefoot and they also get hurt.

You might be able to utilize new products like the wireless invisible dog fence or fencing to section off some areas of your yard that have existing renovation or remodeling just to keep the dogs off the construction site. Most dogs are not accustom to these type of environment especially if you don't always renovate or remodel your house, or build a new home for your family.

April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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March 30, 2008

Drinking Water For The Dogs

When dogs get thirsty, they usually look for water, mostly regardless of the source. So it is highly recommended that you provide water bowls wherever your dog frequently stay most of the day. It is best that there is a designated area for a water bowl filled with water that is always accessible for your dog because as dog owners we dont always know when a dog needs a drink, and it is quite impossible to tell when a dog need a water exactly, its not like they can open the faucet or open a bottle of water so they can drink when they want to, they usually just rely on us. As dog owners ourselves, we noticed that our dogs water bowl sometimes get empty two times a day specially when it gets really hot inside the house.

Water bowl for your doggy should also be provided outdoor because they easily gets thirsty after playing and running around the yard or lawn. If you dont have a water bowl filled with water outside and your dog get thirsty, chances are he/she will looks around the yard like in planting pots basin to get some water to drink. But standing water from flower pots is quite dangerous for your dogs because if the mosquitoes are hatching and larvaes are present in it, then it is unhealthy to drink. Sometimes, we also add plant fertilizers and other nutrients in our plants and some of these chemicals drain down to the pot base below, which is something that your dog should not be drinking.

To avoid your dogs from drinking water in the wrong places, it is best to provide them safe and healthy water both indoor and outdoor. And try to check water contents atleast once or twice a day to make sure that there is actually a water in the water bowl.

© Written by JazeVox

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March 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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February 22, 2008

Dachshund Dogs

I remember how my officemates and I used to admire and gather around my previous employer's dog. Everytime we saw her dog running around their property, we used to play and had fun with it even by just watching the dog roaming around. My former boss dog was a Dachshund breed with its nice smooth shiny black hair and short-legged physical feature. Back then, I never got the chance to see this type of dogs very often, and I personally think that they are absolutely unique and so adorable. Dachshund dogs are quite high-energy, very curious with its sorrounding, and very friendly as well, which are great qualities for dogs specially if you are looking for a new pet to adopt.

Dachshund dogs originated from the country of Germany. Back then, Europeans trained and depend on their Dachshund dogs to hunt for badger and fox. With proper Dachshund training, this breed will be great and perfect as a watchdog specially that this breed have a known reputation as a hunt dog. Although, I have only seen a smooth black coated Dachshund dog in person, this breed of dog is composed of several different hair colors and their hair coat also comes in three different varieties like smooth, long-haired and wire-haired. Dachshund dogs comes in two different heights, the 5-6 inches miniature ones and the standard size which is around 8-9 inches. Dachshund dogs life expectancy are known to average around 12-14 years which is great as pets because pet owners will be able to enjoy their company for many years.

If you are considering adopting or buying a dog or a puppy, and you are open to any dog breeds and want to know more about Dachshund puppies as a pet or valuable member of your household, checkout Dachshund puppies for sale. DogChannel website provides great information regarding Dachshund puppy care, Dachshund training, and more. You can also find Dachshund puppy pictures in their website.

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February 17, 2008

Chicken Bones Treat Is Not Recommended

There are some pet owners out there that give there dogs chicken bones as treats after the pet owners are done eating their fried chicken meals. But I personally do not recommend giving chicken bones as dog treats because if you will notice how chicken bones breaks into very sharp pieces that could hurt your dogs internally and you may have no way of knowing right away because there are no physical exterior signs at first. But can you imagine how sharp chicken bones pieces can possibly be harmful to your dogs interior body organs like the intestine and stomach? Dogs may be able to break and chew chicken bones into pieces but it does not mean that the bones turns soft or fully digest when the bones goes down to their body. There are several different dog treats and biscuits out there that works safer for your dogs like rawhides and pig ears. It is best for your dogs sake not to take chances on your dogs well-being, giving chicken bones as treat might not be the safest for your dogs health. Sometimes, dogs can getaway with eating chicken bones and not hurt inside, but its better safe than sorry. It is best to give our dogs safe foods and treats that they can enjoy, as well as keep them safe and healthy.

Note: If you are concern about your dog's health and well-being, have you ever thought about what are the ingredients included in your dog's food and where they come from, you might also want to consider cooking your own dog foods using organic fruits and vegetables that are healthy for them. You have to do some research which fruit, and which vegetable can be harmful to the dogs so that you don't include them in your cooking recipe.

February 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday Dog In Snow

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Personalized Pet Memorials

Whether we like it or not, nothing or no one will last forever in this world, and when we loss a pet, either a dog or a cat, it would be a very devastating and emotional moment for anyone specially that we always consider our pets as a valuable member of our family. And lossing a pet is dealing with pain and hurt of losing someone that we loved.

But lossing a pet does not mean that she/he will forever be gone in someones life. A departed pet once became a great part of our lives, and we want to always remember the good things that we shared when our pet were still alive. One great way to treasure these memories with your pet even after she/he is gone is with pet memorial products like
portrait pet memorial urns.
Pet memorial products provided by AngelAshes such as pet photo urns allows us to hold a personalized valuable remembrance of our pet, who once shared a beautiful memories with us and played an important and dear role in our lives. It is only fitting that we remember our pets, even after they are gone, in a special manner by memorializing their presence with pet memorial products. Some of the great options that you can choose as a pet memorials are personalized nameplate, complementary figurine, and/or photo of your beloved pet.

When a pet would leave us behind, she/he may be physically gone but she/he will never be forgotten. Our pet will always be remembered, memories will always be cherished and treasured, and will always have a special place in our hearts.

February 11, 2008

Our Travelling Doggy

We are extremely happy and proud of our doggy because she finally can adjust to being in a car and can now handle long trips.

For two days in a row, we brought our dog with us on our long travels that took as more than eight (8) hours of travel per day. And we are so thrilled that she no longer puke and vomit like she used to do when we first adopted her. She used to get car sick all the time that is why we were quite hesitant to bring her to most of our travels.

But good thing that we took the time to train her to shorter trips like a 10-15 minutes drive to the grocery store or to the post office, she finally learned how to manage herself while inside the car while on the move. It took us months training her with shorter trips before she finally get accustomed to the moving car, and could handle the longer trips.

So if you have a dog that get car sick all the time during your trips, try to train your dog by brining your dog to shorter trips, as it might just work for you and your dog too. Just like our dog, there is great hope for most dog to get adjusted and become a traveler as well, it might not happen overnight, but with practice and perseverance, your effort will be rewarded with a fun and exciting trips having your the company and presence of your dog.

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February 7, 2008

Get Your Own Golden Retriever Puppy

I grow up as a kid surrounded by a lot of dogs as pets in our household. Currently, we have two lovely dogs that we love and adore, and we definitely consider them as part of our family. If we ever decide to add another dog in the bunch, I would definitely consider a pure breed Golden Retriever dog because they are among the widely popular breed of dogs nowadays and they are such sweet, good looking and nice hair color dogs. One of our neighbors have Golden Retriever dogs, and their dogs are so adorable and fun to be around too.

When I checked out
DogChannel site, i noticed that they highly specialized in dogs and provide tons of useful information and articles related to dogs and puppies. DogChannel site also have puppies for sale, which is great place to look for pure breed dogs specially if you been wanting and looking for one. The site allows you to choose among many different breeds of dogs available including Golden Retriever puppies and Rottweiler puppies, just to name a few.

So if you are looking for a new puppy that you want to add to your family or want to give as a present for a family or a friend,
DogChannel site provides you with helpful facts and data that may help you with your quest, and you can also check out all the different breed of puppies available that you can purchase.

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February 3, 2008

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January 28, 2008

Funny Con-Artist Doggy

Hey, dont let the small guys fool you, they may be small, but when it comes to big ideas and moves, you might be surprised how creative they can be! Check out this little doggy, how he creatively snatch the big ones food!

Funny Dog Thief - The funniest bloopers are right here

January 24, 2008

Removing Excess Dog Hair

There are dogs that shed hair all the time, and wherever they go, they ended up spreading hair all over the sofa, the bed, the furniture, the floor, and other surfaces specially things that are made or has fabric materials in them. And the frustrating thing about it is that its hard to clean and to remove hair. And if you have to do it one by one, then its gonna take forever. Although, there are several different sticky roller products available now adays to clean surfaces with dog hairs. But when there are too much hair, you could easily use the whole sticky rolls in just one cleaning.

To avoid uncontrollable dog hair spreading all over the furnitures and in different parts of the house, we can also take the time to actually brush off some of the excess hair in dogs, preferably outside the house or outdoors. There are several difeerent types of product nowadays that you can use to remove excess dog hair in their body like combs and brushes specially designed for dogs combing. There is also one-hand slip wipe with pointy rubber or plastic palms. I think that brushes and rubber wipe works great, but if these tools are not available in your household when you need it, you can also alternately use a gardening gloves with rubberized palms, they work really good too.

January 10, 2008 Transition

To all my blog readers and visitors, I would like to let you know that I finally got the domain name running for this blog, DOGS CIRCLE. Instead of the old one,, the new domain name for this blog is now The old one still works, and will be automatically forwarded to the new domain, though.

It took me awhile to have the domain name hook up, because my registrar could not figure out my request several times. I finally have it running, hopefully you will the take time to ADD my new domain name in you blogrolls or links too, i would truly appreciate it! Thank you so much and have a wonderful day to you.

January 4, 2008

Dogs During Winter Season

I noticed that both our two dogs, when we have the wood burning stove going for the winter, they usually tried to get as closed to the wood burning stove to get some heat. And during summer times, when the room temperature is so hot for comfort, our dogs hardly use their warm and toasty plushy dog beds, instead they lay down in the cold hardwood floor. Same goes when our dogs are outside during the hot summer days, they usually try to lay down on a cooler place like the dirt or lawn area, instead of the cement or black top, where they could really get very hot.

Basing on these observations, dogs are largely affected by the temperature too. Although, there are some people who think that dogs have natural fur coating in their bodies that is why they dont really need to wear any warming jacket during snowy day when going outside in the cold. And some also think that dogs have natural furs, they can survive the freezing temperature outside. But I personally think that dogs, just like humans, gets cold and hot too! They are also largely bothered and affected by the temperatures, and they feel cold and feel hot at times. They may have fur, but the fur can only protect so much during winter and snowy times. So whenever possible, during snowy days, dont let your dog stay outside very long specially without any coat or warming jacket. And if your dog need to stay outside, in her/his dog house, where the house heater wont cover her/his dog house, consider putting them inside in the house, afterall, she/he is part of the family, and she/he doesnt really deserve to be outside all night in a freezing temperature alone. But if she/he needs to be outside during those winter times, make sure that you provide your dog proper warming gears, bed, and warm blankets to keep her/him comfortably warm.

Written by JAZEVOX

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