January 24, 2008

Removing Excess Dog Hair

There are dogs that shed hair all the time, and wherever they go, they ended up spreading hair all over the sofa, the bed, the furniture, the floor, and other surfaces specially things that are made or has fabric materials in them. And the frustrating thing about it is that its hard to clean and to remove hair. And if you have to do it one by one, then its gonna take forever. Although, there are several different sticky roller products available now adays to clean surfaces with dog hairs. But when there are too much hair, you could easily use the whole sticky rolls in just one cleaning.

To avoid uncontrollable dog hair spreading all over the furnitures and in different parts of the house, we can also take the time to actually brush off some of the excess hair in dogs, preferably outside the house or outdoors. There are several difeerent types of product nowadays that you can use to remove excess dog hair in their body like combs and brushes specially designed for dogs combing. There is also one-hand slip wipe with pointy rubber or plastic palms. I think that brushes and rubber wipe works great, but if these tools are not available in your household when you need it, you can also alternately use a gardening gloves with rubberized palms, they work really good too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very useful info. When I bought my couch and loveseat, I purposely chose material that the hair doesn't stick to. But my furniture is wearing out, so I hope I get as lucky when I go to replace them.

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