January 4, 2008

Dogs During Winter Season

I noticed that both our two dogs, when we have the wood burning stove going for the winter, they usually tried to get as closed to the wood burning stove to get some heat. And during summer times, when the room temperature is so hot for comfort, our dogs hardly use their warm and toasty plushy dog beds, instead they lay down in the cold hardwood floor. Same goes when our dogs are outside during the hot summer days, they usually try to lay down on a cooler place like the dirt or lawn area, instead of the cement or black top, where they could really get very hot.

Basing on these observations, dogs are largely affected by the temperature too. Although, there are some people who think that dogs have natural fur coating in their bodies that is why they dont really need to wear any warming jacket during snowy day when going outside in the cold. And some also think that dogs have natural furs, they can survive the freezing temperature outside. But I personally think that dogs, just like humans, gets cold and hot too! They are also largely bothered and affected by the temperatures, and they feel cold and feel hot at times. They may have fur, but the fur can only protect so much during winter and snowy times. So whenever possible, during snowy days, dont let your dog stay outside very long specially without any coat or warming jacket. And if your dog need to stay outside, in her/his dog house, where the house heater wont cover her/his dog house, consider putting them inside in the house, afterall, she/he is part of the family, and she/he doesnt really deserve to be outside all night in a freezing temperature alone. But if she/he needs to be outside during those winter times, make sure that you provide your dog proper warming gears, bed, and warm blankets to keep her/him comfortably warm.

Written by JAZEVOX


Ed said...

As a dog lover, I can appreciate your concern and attention to this important issue. My Jo Jo never goes out without his sweater once the temp drops below 50.
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Grace and Peace,

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the compliment and visiting my blog! you are always welcome to come back here

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