March 10, 2013

Dogs And Ticks

Being dog owners, one of the things that we are concern about is making sure that our precious furry friend is not infected with known parasites such as ticks and fleas, but this article focus primarily about ticks, please read one of our article that talks about dealing with fleas in dogs.
Some states in the USA tend to have more ticks populations than others, but most dogs in different states can be infected with ticks because ticks can be found in different areas outdoors including our own yards, gardens, and wooded places. In areas where wild animals like deers are present, the possibility of having ticks are huge because deers are one of the major ticks carriers that transfers those parasites from their body to our living areas like gardens and yards where our dogs have access to, and dogs going outside will likely catch one of these parasitic bugs and ended up in their bodies. Although, we might not be able to completely eliminate the presence of ticks all together, there can be preventions to make sure that it will not multiply, spread, and cause health problems in our dogs.  Although, not all types of ticks carry deseases, it is better safe than sorry and be in a habit of regularly checking our dogs to make sure that there are no existing ticks sucking blood out of our precious friends. 
Ticks feed on blood of their hosts, in this case the hosts are either the dogs, deers, and sometimes humans. If left unknown or untreated, one tick can multiply to several ticks, and can you imagine all those numbers of ticks all sucking blood out of a dogs body in one time? Worse yet, if the tick they ended up with is known to carry diseases, then that will even create more health risks and problems for the dogs. Early detection is key, a dog owner can easily learn how to effectively remove a tick from a dog if ever you found one. Here is a great video i found at YouTube that guide you step by step on how to remove a tick from your dog: 

Tickless dog is better, but if you have to deal with it in your dog, atleast your dog is in safe hands knowing that you have some idea how to handle it or remove it safely out of your dog. We have more interesting articles about dogs here at browse below..

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