December 30, 2008

Fireworks And Noises This New Years Day

During the New Year (or Fourth of July), many of us are accustomed to the lighting and firing of fireworks. Ancient traditions and beliefs started the firing of fireworks at the strike of midnight on New Years Eve, at the start of new year day inorder to make loud noises and drive away the evil spirits away inorder to start the new year with great intentions and great environment for us and our love ones. Or fireworks are lit during July 4th as a celebration of Independence Day. But as we light and fire our fireworks to perform our yearly traditions, always remember that most dogs dont understand the meaning behind all these. The big bangs and loud noises from the fireworks usually scare them off, bothers them, and may cause them to act uneasy and uncomfortable. Inorder to keep your dogs and cats safer this new year eve (fourth of july) fireworks, try to keep them indoors possibly in a room where they can relax, lay down in their bed with the telivision or the radio on, that way they will not be so bothered by the weird noises from fireworks that are happening outside.

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