November 13, 2008

Ice And Snow

It never occured to me in the past that there are dogs that actually eat ice and snow. I realized that one when I was getting some chunk of ice cubes from the refrigerator (in an ice dispenser) and I accidentally dropped one in the floor. One of our dogs hurried to the scene and grabbed the ice cube from the floor and started crushing it with her teeth and eating it.

dog eating snow, dog eating ice, dog and snow
One day, it was snowing outside and we had few feet of snow in the ground. Our dogs love to play in the snow, so we give them some snow playtime when its no longer storming outside but is cold enough that the snow remains in the ground. During one of their snow play, I was taking photos of our dog running all over the place, and all of a sudden, she started eating the snow and I got the photo to prove it :-) Look at her..

Written and Photography by JazeVox

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