December 18, 2007

Traveling With Your Dog

When we first adopted our dog, she was still less than a year old, we had a really hard time bringing her on our trips because she ended up vomiting during the car rides. It was never pleasant cleaning up messy pukes in a fabric material car seats, nor was dealing with the puke smell for the rest of our trip, and nor was the thought how bad the doggy must be feeling inside, probably feeling so sick!

But few years have gone by and our doggy started becoming more like a traveler. She enjoys car rides and traveling with us nowadays. It was not an instant change though. Instead of shocking our dog with long trips like we did in the very beginning, we decided to gradually bring her to shorter trips like going to the post office, or a short ride to the nearest grocery store, just so she get accustomed to the car environment at first and she get adjusted to it. We decided to gave her short but gradual travel training. We also try to avoid feeding her plenty of food and water before the trip. Just before a trip, if we needed to feed our dog, we usually just give her little portions of food, just so she will not starve and not too much food, so that she will be so full, she is more likely to vomit during the trip.

So if you have the same problems (puking and vomiting) with your dog during travels, try to practice your dog in shorter trips first. More preferably not more than 30 minutes drive, so that she will get use to the car environment, having an idea of bumpy and unstable position of being a car passenger and she will know how to react in those scenarios. Also try controlling the amounts of food that you feed your dog before each trip and during the trip. And for longer trips, try to make rest stops in between to relax and unwind the dogs stamina and stress during car rides.

December 16, 2007

Familiar and Non Familiar Smells

It is amazing how our dogs can tell which item or thing inside and outside our house is new and which one is old and been there. Everytime we buy something, our dogs will automatically investigate and check out that particular item, and once its around 2-3 days old, they get familiar with it and started to walk or run pass them.

Just like when we put up of outdoor Christmas decors every year, everytime the decors are setup outside already, they would start barking on it for around 2-3 days when they see it, smell it and walk around it, and once they know its there, harmless and non-threatening and they get accustomed to seeing the outdoor decors, then they stopped barking at it.

This just prove that dogs can remember things, they may not have complicated brains like humans, but they are so good at remembering the things around them.

December 15, 2007

Holiday Greetings

Advance Holiday Greetings to ALL
From Our Family To Yours

December 8, 2007

Special Occassions Call For Special Treats

Our dogs have special place in our hearts, as a family member, as bestfriend, and as a unfailing companion everyday. So it is more fitting that we think of something special to give or something special to do for the doggies during special occassions like birthdays and christmas times. Our dogs are unconditionally there for you, loving you, giving you company and friendship, they surely deserve to receive something nice and get special treatmeant in return, even if they dont really demand it from you!

Dogs may never know if it is his/her birthday, or it is christmas time, but she could definitely enjoy an extra attention from you during these days. You can choose to write her/him a greeting cards, but unfortunately she/he cant read it, so he/she ended up not being able to enjoy it. As an alternative, you can wrap her/him some nice dog treats that you can buy in pet stores or give her some extra special treats like homemade and home-baked cookies, scrambled egg, or fried bacon. And if budget permits, some real cooked beefs to add flavor to their regular foods. Or as simple as taking an extra time to play with her/him on his/her special day, that would probably be the best thing that you can offer to your dog, a time with her/him.

They might not be able to say the words Thank You, but you can definitely tell by their excitement, they wagging tail and their ear to ear smiles. They are there specially for you, treat them to something specials, would surely do good for them, no harms.

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