December 8, 2007

Special Occassions Call For Special Treats

Our dogs have special place in our hearts, as a family member, as bestfriend, and as a unfailing companion everyday. So it is more fitting that we think of something special to give or something special to do for the doggies during special occassions like birthdays and christmas times. Our dogs are unconditionally there for you, loving you, giving you company and friendship, they surely deserve to receive something nice and get special treatmeant in return, even if they dont really demand it from you!

Dogs may never know if it is his/her birthday, or it is christmas time, but she could definitely enjoy an extra attention from you during these days. You can choose to write her/him a greeting cards, but unfortunately she/he cant read it, so he/she ended up not being able to enjoy it. As an alternative, you can wrap her/him some nice dog treats that you can buy in pet stores or give her some extra special treats like homemade and home-baked cookies, scrambled egg, or fried bacon. And if budget permits, some real cooked beefs to add flavor to their regular foods. Or as simple as taking an extra time to play with her/him on his/her special day, that would probably be the best thing that you can offer to your dog, a time with her/him.

They might not be able to say the words Thank You, but you can definitely tell by their excitement, they wagging tail and their ear to ear smiles. They are there specially for you, treat them to something specials, would surely do good for them, no harms.


leizlmarie said...

hi.. i like your blog coz im a dog lover too.. good you have created a blog like this..

god bles!! cheers!

Jazevox said...

thank you leizlmarie, im glad to know that you like it, we love dogs too, we have two (2) and they are part of our family :-)

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