December 16, 2007

Familiar and Non Familiar Smells

It is amazing how our dogs can tell which item or thing inside and outside our house is new and which one is old and been there. Everytime we buy something, our dogs will automatically investigate and check out that particular item, and once its around 2-3 days old, they get familiar with it and started to walk or run pass them.

Just like when we put up of outdoor Christmas decors every year, everytime the decors are setup outside already, they would start barking on it for around 2-3 days when they see it, smell it and walk around it, and once they know its there, harmless and non-threatening and they get accustomed to seeing the outdoor decors, then they stopped barking at it.

This just prove that dogs can remember things, they may not have complicated brains like humans, but they are so good at remembering the things around them.

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