August 17, 2012

Harmful And Toxic Plants To Dogs

As we live our normal lives and enjoying the beautiful weather outside, attending to our beautiful gardens and plants in the backyard to keep them healthy and blooming, we unknowingly grow plants that unfortunately may be harmful and toxic to our furry friends. We hardly think about these things because we grow up with plants in our yard, and we planted them to beautify our surrounding, and we are totally unaware and hardly think that some of these fruits, fruits, and leaves are toxic to animals especially to our dogs. When we have dogs and/or cats, we do need to be mindful which plants are toxic and harmful to them to avoid a n emergency trip to the veterinary to find out what is wrong with our pet when all of a sudden she/he shows some signs of vomiting, abnormalities in his/her health.

One known toxic flower plants to dogs is the Oleander, also called a Rose Bay. Oleander is among the most known harmful flowering landscaping plant to your dog. As beautiful as it is, just one leaf of this plant can be very poisonous to your dog and can be fatal and deadly if not attended to right away.

Other popular plant that we may grow in our yard for easy access as medicinal plant when we have cuts and bruises is an Aloe Vera. Although Aloe Vera is very beneficial to humans in so many ways, it is quite toxic and can be a poison to your dog if she/he ever got curious to this plant and accidentally swallow and digest the latex part of the Aloe Vera which is under the green skin of the leaf. So if you have to grow Aloe Vera, try to put them in a higher spot in a pot where your dog will not have an access to it.

Grape fruits are also known to be toxic to our furry dog best friend, so be mindful if you are growing this delicious fruit and its gravevine or vine plant in your backyard to make sure that your dog will stay away from it and not eat any of the fruits. Some dogs get curious and take a bite of the grape fruit, and if digested, this can be toxic to them.

I found this video that talked about Oleander and other plants that are or may be toxic to animals especially dogs, so its definitely worth watching because they are quite common in many household and many pet owners are unaware that some of these plants are actually dangerous and poisonous to our dogs:

We dont always follow every single minute what our dogs are doing while they are out in our backyard relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. Dogs are known to be very curious and particularly love to check out something foreign things that normally they dont know about. You just have to be watchful and mindful whenever your dog started to act differently, show signs of vomiting and upset stomach, and if she/he is showing any of these signs after prolong stay outside, chances are he/she got interested in plants and trees and eventually shallowed leaves or fruits or flowers that might be harmful to your dog. When you are not sure what is happening to your dog, or what she/he ate while outdoors, it is best to consult your veterinarian to make sure than she/he will be treated properly right away, and with all the symptoms and signs that you observe it is best to bring him/her to the vet soon enough before any symptoms get any worse, its always best to think safety first, better safe than sorry.

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August 14, 2012

Dare To Dream And Reach For Your Dreams

dare to dream and reach for your dreams ambitions goals in life like flowers in garden

Peak A Boo I See You Funny Dog

peak a boo i see you funny comedy picture photo of dog dogs pets

August 7, 2012

Dont Forget To Stop Breath And Smell The Flowers

Time flies so fast, we live in a world where the clock is ticking and ticking every single second of every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! If you forget to smell the flowers, the season will be changing again and you have to wait the following year for it to bloom again, that is if its a perrenial plant (!) if you have an annual flowers, you have to plant a whole new batch to enjoy new flowers next year. Well, smelling the flowers here you dont have to be interpret it literally... it could mean taking time with your flowers (example: love ones like family and dogs, a sleep, a vacation)... It's always good and fulfilling to get things done, but it is also healthy for us mentally and emotionally to take breaks, relax, and yes smell the flowers :-) Hope you have a nice day today.. Dont forget to visit my other dogs blogs: Dogs Circle and Dogs Booth.

Raised Food Feeders For Dogs And Other Pets

We have medium to large sized dogs, so when we adopted our dog(s) we always felt that a raised feeder was necessary for them because of their height, so that our dogs don't have to bend down close to the floor to reach their food while they eat. Currently, we have a raised feeder that elevates both the water and food bowls to almost 12 inches which is proportionate to the body of our dogs since they are around medium to large dogs.

Raised feeders for pets that will work with both dogs and cats comes in all shapes and sizes. You can buy or purchase raised food feeder for smaller dogs that is proportionate to the height of your dog. Some brands even have designer look like a bamboo wood designs to possibly match any bamboo flooring or furnitures you may have, so that having a dog feeder visible in your room all the time will not be an eye sore but a decorative element as well. Majority of the raised feeders for animals are made of decorative metals, plastics, wood, etc. Some feeders are collapseable and portable. Nowadays, you have several different options to choose brands, styles, type of materials, and sizes that will work with your dog's size or height.

Candid Sleeping Dog Photograph

Here is a candid shot of our sleeping furry princess! Yup, our dog was really sleeping, tired, and resting when this picture was taken of her. Although its hard to understand why she positioned her body, an S-position here, the way she does sometimes. In this photo she does looks comfortable while asleep in a slightly twisted position. Fom what I noticed and seen, dogs are known to sleep in some really weird sleeping positions, and I have seen worst, so with this one I assume that she was comfortably napping and content when i took this photograph.  

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