November 17, 2012

Dog Photography

I always like photography since my childhood days. My favorite subjects to photograph are landscape, nature, animals, and flowers. I dont have any formal training on taking photography but I am very passionate about taking pictures in an effort to preserve those (wonderful) scenes that I encounter on a daily basis or special occassions. Since we adopted our dog Katie many years ago I have been taking hundreds of photo of her over the years, and looking back at those photos now, it amazes me to see how much she have grown up to become a wonderful loving dog. The great thing about taking picture is that it allows us to preserve the memories you have at that different moments with your dog, and later on those photographs allows us to look back and reflect on the good old days and be able to appreciate how much our dog have grown and change, becoming more and more loveable (smile) and bigger each day.
Sometimes, when you spend your everyday life with someone, or with your dog, its hard to notice the gradual changes that occur in a person or your dog specially the physical features. But with the help of the photographs, you will be able to visualize the transformation and changes later in the future, which can be amazing to some degree to a lot of people.. Aside from the physical changes that may occur, photographs also allow us to preserve great memories that may never happen again, and if they ever re-occur, it maybe hard to duplicate the scene exactly the same way as it originally happened. Just like the photo of our dog above, where Katie graciously flashed us with her cutest smile ever, I tried to take the same snapshots of her in this particular smile, been trying all these years but nothing came out exactly the same, none of the photo attempts i did came out as cute as the original one that was taken several years ago. The point is, everyday moments are great opportunity to take wonderful photographs of your dog, you will never know when you will get the perfect shot, the perfect pose, but having photos of the shared memories together is what truly counts, and they are fun to look back into.
What about you? How often do you take photos of your dog? The truth of the matter is, your dog does not really care if you are professional photographer or not, as long as you are having fun while in his/her company, that is what matter most in his/her world. Your dog may never learn to appreciate a piece of printed copy of a colored or black and white picture, or a megabytes digital file of a snapshot of him/her stored in a memory stick or cd, but Im sure he/she appreciate the attention he/she is getting why you do the photography sessions! Photography session equals more attention and play time and that is what he/she will appreciate the most, you spending time with him/her.

I came across this wonderful YouTube video featuring a series of dog photography, must see, check it out:


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