May 12, 2009

More Great Dog Movies

More than a month ago, I wrote a post here regarding the movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Since then, we bought two (2) new dog movies: Marley and Me, and Hotel for Dogs.

In Marley and Me, a newly married couple decided to have a pet dog named Marley. Marley is quite a character which created many challenges to the couple. Besides the out-of-control behaviours that Marley potrayed that she was naturally born with that the couple had to deal with and got used to, she became a great part of the couple and became part of their growing family, as they started to have kids, that grow to love Marley and consider her as a part of the family. It is a funny movie with lots of laugh!

The Hotels for Dogs is another awesome, wholesome movie to watch. Just done watching it for the second time. It is about two foster kids, a brother and a sister, that tried to stayed together and not get separated even when their biological parents are no longer around. With the help of a Social Service Worker, they were able to stay in the same roof but to a not-so-nice foster parents. Despite their not-so-comfortable fate living with less loving foster parents, the kids remain solid to each other and to their dog, a pet they kept as a secret from their foster parents. Circumstances forced them to allow their dog to stay in an abandoned hotel with two other original dog residents in the same hotel. With the helped of their new found friends, they were able to save more abandoned dogs or dogs that needed help and assistance and took take of them the best they can and housed them all in the abandoned hotel, and the story goes on from there!

So if you are out shopping for another great dog movies, you might consider both movies! Enjoy the show.

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