March 7, 2009

Viva Chihuahua La Princesa

Viva Chihuahua La Princesa....just doing a little practice in my mexican terms, after watching the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua for the second time in a 24-hour period. Have you seen the movie yet? Si? Yes?

I didnt see the complete thriller of the movie prior to we purchasing the dvd movie at the store. I didnt know what to expect really. I am a huge fan of real dogs movies, so we tend to purchase any dog movie that we bump into and Beverly Hills Chihuahua is definitely a dog movie, and just have to see it.

Buying the dvd was all worth it. Guaranteed laughs and fun story for the whole family. If you havent seen the movie yet, I definitely recommend it if you are looking for fun and wholesome movie that you and your whole family can watch!

Adios amigo! Hope to see you back here at DogsCircle blog

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