May 22, 2012

A Surgery For Our Princess

Meet our beautiful adopted pet dog Katie. We happily rescued her several years ago from the local animal shelter, when she was a still a puppy, less than a year old. She is a mixed breed with a mixture of rhodesian ridgeback and sharpei type of dogs as her biological parents.

Weeks ago we noticed that she has a growth in her behind, just below her tail. It was smaller back then. We noticed recently that its growing so much bigger with a size more than a marble, almost 3/4 of an inch, which is beginning to really bother her a lot. Few days ago, the growth started to bleed and we try to clean it but it is still an open would and putting a band-aid on it is impossible because it is just below her tail.. We would like to rush here to an animal hospital as soon as we can inorder to have this growth taken care of before it get infected especially that it is located just below her tail and everytime she do her business, the chances that her bowel movement rubbing against it the wound is 99 percent because the growth is that close to the opening, unfortunately. GNRTBJDXKVWF

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