September 8, 2008

When Your Dog Is Home Alone

There are times that we are left with no choice but to leave our dogs for few hours alone inside our homes just like when we need to run to the grocery store quick for few hours and dont want to bring along the dog because the weather is too hot for them to be lock up inside the car. Being alone inside the house is not something that dogs are naturally born to do nor are they naturally able adapt to such situation right away. Without training, dogs left alone in the house can feel uncomfortable and anxious causing them not to relax and possibly bark the whole time. There is no easy way to tell them to stay calm and relax while we are out shopping, but they can be trained to keep their cool and just stay put and minimize barking while we are away. One thing that can be done is to try to give your dog something to do! Giving your dog something to do will keep your dog occupied and possibly divert their attention from being alone to being busy. A great way to keep your dog busy is by giving them something to chew like rawhides and chew bones! Or if your dog have a rubber kong, you can also hide some biscuits there and let your dog work on getting the biscuit out of the kong. To further entice your dog into really working on getting the biscuits from the rubber kong, try to brush some peanut butter in the biscuits and let the peanut smell work its magic! Most dogs love peanut butter, its a great flavorful reward for them as they fight and fought in getting the biscuits for sure.

Written by JazeVox. All Rights Reserved.

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