September 8, 2008

Your Dog And Your Floor

We love our dogs, but there is no excuse for having a dirty, hard beaten floor and blame it on our pets. Dog paws or claws may not be so gentle on your hardwood flooring, causing them to scratch and possibly cause permanent ugly lines in your hardwood floors. Having ordinary type carpet flooring is not the best idea either because dogs can easily track down dirt and hair all over, making it harder to keep the carpet clean and in great shape.

But having dogs, and loving them does not mean that we have to neglect completely the condition of our floors. There are definitely new technologies and new ways to resolve these issues, making it work both ways, that will work both for your dog and for your flooring. Empire Today offers wide variety of flooring including laminate flooring, ceramic flooring, hardwood flooring, and carpetings. If you have dogs, it is best to choose laminate flooring over hardwood flooring because laminate flooring are engineered materials, mostly designed not to scratch and can better withstand dog and cat paws. But if you prefer carpet flooring, check out berber carpet at Empire Today because they are quite durable and great for having pets around the house.

To start living healthy and clean with your pets around is never too late, start by replacing old carpets that have seen better days. Check out Empire Today website for their discount carpet floorings. If you are concern about longevity and durability, choose floorings that can perform better with pets around like berber carpet and laminate floorings. If you are new at Empire Today website, check out their Empire Carpet Stories for reviews and opinions of their customers regarding their products and services.

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