August 26, 2008

Dogs Eating Grass

We noticed that our dogs eat grass leaves everytime they have an upset stomach. Although, basing on our observations, a lot of times, eating grass only worsen the situation of their stomach pain and suffering because the grass they eat literally cause our dogs to get choke and vomit or throw up due to the unchewed long grass, probably just as worst and bothering as a hair ball that cats have to go through every now and then when they lick they hair clean. So every time we notice our dogs suffering from stomach pain, we try to minimize their outdoor stay to keep them away from eating the grass. It is unknown to us if there are any specific grass that they eat, or they just eat any type of grass they could find in the yard. If you notice the same behaviour with your dog, eating grass and vomiting it afterwards, for safety of your dogs, if she/he is not recovering soon enough from the stomach pain, it is always best to consult your veterenarian about it, inorder to get the proper medications for it.

Written and Photo by JazeVox


just me said...

I also noticed that with my dogs.. and our cats even do that. I think its not a bad idea to let them do it. Actually we presume that they're trying to cure themselves with the grass.. Yah they vomit the grass that they it but I think they feel much better after.

There's no scientific explanation to it but I think they eat the grass so that they will vomit anything that they had eaten before hand.

Its my opinion but you can do what you think will be the best for your dog.

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Anonymous said...

hi ur_prince, thanks for stopping by and sharing your input. it does make sense to let the dogs throw up what caused them to get sick in the first place, and let it out of their system.. but at the same time it is a sign that something is bothering them inside and needs attention

Anonymous said...

Interesting, our dogs eat grass on a regular basis. They do not thow-up the grass, it's just a part of their diet.

Anonymous said...

our dogs usually throw-up the long grasses...thanks for sharing, its good to know then that its ok and safe for dogs to eat some types of the plants, coz our dogs sometimes do at certain times

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