February 11, 2008

Our Travelling Doggy

We are extremely happy and proud of our doggy because she finally can adjust to being in a car and can now handle long trips.

For two days in a row, we brought our dog with us on our long travels that took as more than eight (8) hours of travel per day. And we are so thrilled that she no longer puke and vomit like she used to do when we first adopted her. She used to get car sick all the time that is why we were quite hesitant to bring her to most of our travels.

But good thing that we took the time to train her to shorter trips like a 10-15 minutes drive to the grocery store or to the post office, she finally learned how to manage herself while inside the car while on the move. It took us months training her with shorter trips before she finally get accustomed to the moving car, and could handle the longer trips.

So if you have a dog that get car sick all the time during your trips, try to train your dog by brining your dog to shorter trips, as it might just work for you and your dog too. Just like our dog, there is great hope for most dog to get adjusted and become a traveler as well, it might not happen overnight, but with practice and perseverance, your effort will be rewarded with a fun and exciting trips having your the company and presence of your dog.

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