July 6, 2012

A Closer Look At A Dog Movie: Eight Below

Who wants to see a dog movie? I love dog movies, I have seen quite a few of them and we own dvds and blurays to make sure we can view them anytime we want :-) One of my all time favorite dog movie is Eight Below. This movie is inspired by a true story, a beautiful story of adventure, love and friendship as it unfolds in the bottom of the earth.

Here is a short trailer of the movie:

In Antartica, one of the most isolated place on earth, the researchers underwent their last mission of the season before the winter arrived. With the heroic efforts by the dogs, the researcher's life was saved from the deadly ice cold frozen lake when he fell and ended up in the freezing water. After leaving the site for few days while the dogs were left behind, the researcher and the crew were unable to head back to Antartica because of unavailable means to go back there to save the dogs due to harsh weather condition and inaccessibility. The eight dogs ended up stranded of several weeks on their own in the most brutal winter conditions imaginable with no humans to feed and take care of them. Witness the dramatic survival instincts of these dogs as they fight to stay alive, and survive in this brutal weather condition in the bottom of the earth. Truly inspiring movie..

A story of friendship, love, and survival, Eight Below movie is a must see if you haven't seen it yet! I have seen this movie several times, and will be watching it again Im sure. This movie teach us a lot of lessons in life including having faith in our furry friends because they are truly loyal beings, dogs are stronger than we might think, they truly have hearts of gold...

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