June 25, 2012

The Olate Dogs Audition In America Got Talents 2012

Do you follow the telivision show America's Got Talent? If you dont, then you probably missed one of the most talented group of dogs yet displaying their unique talent in front of millions of people live on tv. One of the audience favorite for America's Got Talent this year 2012 in New York was an audition by the Olate Dogs where their fun and playful performance stole the hearts of America and the judges not only because they were so cute and adorable dogs but these dogs were so talented and well-trained that they were able to performed some difficult yet fun and entertaining tricks on stage, new tricks that were hardly done by dogs.

See the Olate Dogs in action during their audition in New York for America's Got Talent:


Good luck Olate Dogs, hope you climb your way to the top and beat the other talents out there!

It came as a no surprise, at the Finale show that the Olate Dogs continued to wow and impress the crowd which in returned made them as the winner of this year's America Got Talents! Congratulations!

1 comment:

lawrence said...

Wow, what a lovely and cute dogs.

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