July 15, 2012

Dream Dog Park In Alabama

If your dog can talk to you, she/he will probably tell you all about her/his dreams and wishes! And most likely the first thing in her/his list of things to have is a beautiful dog park where you and your dog can enjoy the beautiful outdoors off-leash, have fun, and stay quality time together as a family or bestfriends!

Luckily for the residents of Alabaster Alabama their furry friendss dreams are coming true right before their very eyes because the winner of the 2011 Dream Dog Park sponsored by Beneful is from Alabaster, AL and not only she and her dog can benefit from this state-of-the art dog park but her co-residents as well.

Check out some of these videos to know more about these amazing Beneful's Dream Dog Park as the project progress:

What are you waiting for? Your dog would love to have one of this amazing Dream Dog Park in her/his community too. Make this dream happen for your dog, enter the Dream Dog Park contest today, your furry friend will be tremendously delighted if you or anyone from your community will win.

Here is a short video clip of the amazing progress of the Dream Dog Park in Alabaster, Alabama as the dog park officially opened for all the happy and lucky dogs in the area:

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Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Hi! We had heard about the Beneful parks and think it is just great that they are doing this!

You are probably wondering who I am lol. I am Dakota's Mom but my sign in is from my main blog, Cat Chat.

Thanks for visiting Dakota's blog. We are following this one (but really wish you would install the follow via email option because we never visit our blogroll anymore because we follow over 300 blogs and it is much too cumbersome). Many prefer to follow via email.

We also have "liked" you on Facebook, both of my blogs are on Facebook and we hope that you will "like" Dakota's page as well!

Have a great day!

Dogs Circle said...

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog too. We had an email notification before but decided to disabled it for this blog, but i will try to update my DogsCircle pages in both facebook and google+ whenever i post new entries here in my blog. My DogsCircle page in facebook is pretty new (just signed up for it this year 2012) but i realized we do needed it for our blog. I followed your page too.

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