November 24, 2007

Is adopting a dog right for you?

There is fun, joy and happiness in adopting a puppy but before you do, please evaluate your present situation if having a puppy is right for you or not. Having a puppy requires great responsibility and attention, so be sure to fully evaluate yourself if having a puppy is what you need:

Study your living environment. Do you live in a space constraint condo or hotel or a house? A house with a fenced yard might be the best place to a furry friend, condo and hotel will also be a great home for your dog if you can provide him a comfortable place for him to sleep, play and roam around. Like humans, dog have personal neccessities, so make sure that there are places where your dog can legally pee and poo. Most cities have rules and regulations about dogs, so make sure to do some research first.

Having a dog, or puppy requires your financial budget. To properly take care of having a dog, you will have the responsibility of providing the dog his food, shelter, heartworm pills, treats, visit with the veterinary clinics, and more. Do you have extra money to accomodate a dog needs that requires a portion of your monthly income?

Do you have time to take care, play and train your dog? Are you always at home or are you a busy professional that is always out and go home late at night? Because your dog will need your time to play and will need your attention and love. If you are busy and hardly have time to be able to play with your dogs, it would not be a healthy lifestyle for your dog to be alone, lock-up all day in the room while you go to work on the day, party all night, and just spend sleeping time with the dog. Dogs will require time go outside and play, run and walk. So if you think you cannot give your time for these activities, having a puppy or a dog might not be what you need.

There are several breeds of dogs available. Evaluate your reason for having a dog. Do you plan to tag along your dogs in all your travels? You might consider having smaller type of dog because it would be easier to carry them all over. Do you plan to have a puppy to be a guard dog later on? You might consider adopting dogs with strong, intimadating, and tough personalities like german dogs. Do you want puppy or dog as playmate for your kid(s)? Try more playful and not so aggressive, not known as fighting breed dogs. Knowing your reason why you want a dog, will liekly help you determine which breed of dog you want to adopt.

After all the evaluations above, and you think you are ready to adopt a dog, then be ready to recieve unconditional love!

All Rights Reserved. Written by JAZEVOX
Note: This article was first published in my original blog, HonestlyFRESH.

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