November 20, 2007

Finding the best kennel for your dog

For most people, dogs are important part of the family. If you cannot bring them along with you on your trips, it matters to you that your dog will be comfortable, happy and well-attended to while you are gone. These things can be achieve by having the right kennel for your dog.

Here are some tips to make sure that your dog will be in great hands while you are away:

Great kennels will not hesitate to show you around their facilities. They will show around and show you where your furry friend will be sleeping at night.
Great kennels maintain clean environment and office. Cleanliness does matters for the health and the comfort of your dog.

Great kennels always ask the pet owner the preference of the dogs eating habit because not all pets are created equal and kennel personnel should be concern about your dogs eating habit and preferences. It is important that your dog will eat properly while you are gone, and the kennel owners should be asking you this questions so that they can prepare the proper food for your dog.

Great kennels should allow you to provide your dog toys if you want to do that. And you should be allowed to provide your bed for your dog, if you want to do that.

Great kennels should be able to line up the daily activities of your dog and let you know these activities before you leave so that you will feel comfortable and relax that your pet is gonna be okey and will be in great hand while you are gone. A kennel personnel should be able to provide atleast half an hour running or walking time outside with each boarding dog daily. Better, atleast half an hour in the morning and atleast half an hour in the afternoon walking time, to maintain good health and exercise your dog.

Great kennels should have a temperature controlled room for all the dogs specially at night where they sleep. You dont want your furry friend to be sleeping in the cold cement room without heater specially during the winter or fall season where the temperature could easily drop in the night.

The more extra great service they can provide for your dogs during their stay will be great additions to make them as comfortable and at home as possibly.

NOTE: This blog post was first published in my first blog HonestlyFRESH.

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ayelk said...

Its a great information about the dog. We have one dog in our house, they called askal.

Jazevox said...

hi ybot, thank you for droppin by and leaving comments :-)

Askal sounds very unique for a dogs name.

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