November 19, 2007

Dogs that attack

Dogs that attack humans have a very strong possibility of being mistreated, improperly trained by their owners or by people around them. Dogs are known to be mans bestfriend, so if certain dog attack human being, chances are there are a traceable cause of his undesirable behaviour. Although, dogs attacking humans are very unfortunate encounter and contradicts widely of the phrase that dogs are mans bestfriend, it would be best to give the dog a second chance in life by turning him over a professional trainer. If you own the dog that attacked a human, dont take chances, turn him over to a professional trainer right away and see if there are still ways that such dog will change behaviour. If you dont know how to professionally handle these severe dog behaviour, trust your instint and let the professional do their job. Like humans, dog can change, they can learn with proper training and proper treatment. Originally, in life, to err is human to forgive is divine. Just as we give second chances to people who hurt us, its fitting that we should give dogs that attack humans second chances. I would not recommend doing the second chance training yourself, specially that you are not trained to handle such severe cases because it might do more damage than good, so it is best to let the professionals do it. Professionals dog trainer after thorough training and observation, they will most likely be able to determine whether an attacking dog is treatable or not, so putting down an attacking dog is more like a case to case basis in each attacking dog if such dog should be put down or not, depends on his chances to change or not change for the better.

What about you? What do you think should be the RIGHT and FAIR thing to do for dogs that attack humans?

Note: This article was first published in blog DolphinState, now called HonestlyFRESH.

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Cleanettte said...

Very interesting to see this is not a problem only in France. News talk often about that last months in France. And i think that now most french people understand this is really a problem with dogs education and owner education and not only due to some kind of dogs.
I love some "dangerous" dogs but i have young children and not enough time to well care to a this kind of dog so i only have a Cavalier King Charles which really know who is the boss without difficulty.

Jazevox said...

hi Cleanettte, thank you for reading and leaving comment :-)

i agree, kids plus dangerious dogs might not be best together in the same household specially that kids are carefree, friendly, and generally playful

i do believe that dogs can be trained, but i also think there are some breeds that are aggressive than others

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