February 22, 2008

Dachshund Dogs

I remember how my officemates and I used to admire and gather around my previous employer's dog. Everytime we saw her dog running around their property, we used to play and had fun with it even by just watching the dog roaming around. My former boss dog was a Dachshund breed with its nice smooth shiny black hair and short-legged physical feature. Back then, I never got the chance to see this type of dogs very often, and I personally think that they are absolutely unique and so adorable. Dachshund dogs are quite high-energy, very curious with its sorrounding, and very friendly as well, which are great qualities for dogs specially if you are looking for a new pet to adopt.

Dachshund dogs originated from the country of Germany. Back then, Europeans trained and depend on their Dachshund dogs to hunt for badger and fox. With proper Dachshund training, this breed will be great and perfect as a watchdog specially that this breed have a known reputation as a hunt dog. Although, I have only seen a smooth black coated Dachshund dog in person, this breed of dog is composed of several different hair colors and their hair coat also comes in three different varieties like smooth, long-haired and wire-haired. Dachshund dogs comes in two different heights, the 5-6 inches miniature ones and the standard size which is around 8-9 inches. Dachshund dogs life expectancy are known to average around 12-14 years which is great as pets because pet owners will be able to enjoy their company for many years.

If you are considering adopting or buying a dog or a puppy, and you are open to any dog breeds and want to know more about Dachshund puppies as a pet or valuable member of your household, checkout Dachshund puppies for sale. DogChannel website provides great information regarding Dachshund puppy care, Dachshund training, and more. You can also find Dachshund puppy pictures in their website.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, nice post and cute pictures.

We have 3 Dachshunds and also run http://www.animalsneedhelp.com

Anonymous said...

I have a Dachshund cross. He is now 18 years old! Such a lovely dog and even at that old age he is still cute.

Lara said...

Already added this site to my blogroll. You have a nice site here. I love dogs.

Anonymous said...

Oh, such a cute little dog breed. When we rescued our Rosie, they said she is a full blooded chihuahua, but even my veterinarian thinks she may have dachshund in her. She's got the short little legs and squatty body. So adorable, and I'd recommend them to anyone thinking of getting a dog too.

Anonymous said...

It is very misleading for you to say "dachshund puppies for adoption" and "checkout dachshund puppies for sale" in the same sentence. When you buy from a breeder it is NOT an "adoption."
It is commerce and oftentimes encouraging a back yard breeder or a puppymiller to breed more.

Please adopt a dachshund from a shelter, a dachshund rescue, or a reputable all breed rescue that has small breeds. There are thousands of dachshunds right now waiting for a home - and they are not all seniors or special needs.

There are many young dogs that are past the puppy stage which most puppy owners wish they could have avoided anyways, and puppies as well.

Anonymous said...

thanks for pointing the difference between words: adoption and for sale. I modified that sentence to avoid the confusion.

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