April 9, 2009

The Muddy Paws

For areas like California, rainy days are blessing from above. Rainy days in this side of US are usually limited, so when the rain comes, it is mostly benefecial because it adds more water to the ground and let the ecosystem going.

But for dog owners with dirt section in their yard, it can be a huge mess to let the dogs out in the muddy yard during the rainy days and let them back inside the house bringing with them a muddy suprise all over the floor.

We had green lawn in the backyard but it was overpowered by all kinds of weeds, so we recently prepared the yard for new lawn, but its been raining for days! Having dogs outside for their playtime and duty calls becoming a real mess because they track mud inside house. Tile flooring might be easier to clean, but we have wood flooring, and wood and water are not the best of buddies , nor is carpet and mud.

A dump towel rug place near the door can be handy item to wipe a dogs paws before they start walking around the house tracking mud. It is a temporary solution that we only do during the rainy days, but it helps a lot in minimizing the muddy footprints inside the house. We also spread a fabric sheet in the floor near the door to help soak some of the wet paws. We have a rug in our door that says Wipe Your Paws, wouldn't it be nice if they can really do that?!

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